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Shock the Clock: Time Management Strategies for Writers & Other Creatives

shock the clock book review

I first met Jeanette Levellie where I often meet other writers nowadays: on Facebook. Amid all of the sea of posts, hers stood out for me because she has a combination of traits that I find very appealing: a strong faith and a joyous attitude. Jeanette is serious about her faith without feeling a need to take herself too seriously.

We began commenting on one other’s Facebook pages and I ended up interviewing her twice for Gate Beautiful, an Internet radio program for Christian writers: once about her book, The Heart of Humor – and then about her book, Two Scoops of Grace with Chuckles on Top.

Each contains plenty of insightful, delightful material, devotionals best described as inspirational humor. The story I remember most? When she went for an outdoor stroll with her husband, a pastor, to discuss how they would handle points of disagreements more maturely in the future. Then, they both bent over with laughter realizing that, well, maybe not. Jeanette is fully willing to show her human foibles, no doubt, which makes her material so easily accessible.

I’m now looking forward to her next book, Shock the Clock: Time Management Strategies for Writers & Other Creatives (Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas) – and the timing is perfect since I’ve made a commitment to be more efficient with my writing and the business aspects of my writing career.

Why did Jeanette write this book?

She’d read all sorts of other time management books that were based on the writer’s personality type (“mostly Choleric, or Type A,” she says), which doesn’t work for writers who are “introverted or ditzy.” So, Shock the Clock offers strategies for writers throughout the spectrum of personality types.

30-second book blurb from Jeanette

time management book review

Get more writing done!

“If you got an A+ in procrastination, can’t find your car keys, and might need a lifetime pass to Clutterbugs Anonymous, you can benefit from this lighthearted approach to managing your time and getting more writing done.”

That’s especially appealing to me as I am one of those cliched writers who has a place for everything, but . . . you know the rest. I forget what place.

More about Shock the Clock

She planned the book using time management material that she has presented at writer’s conferences. The info was well received, so she used that as a foundation, then “threw in some funny articles on clutter control, a list of 40 tips and secrets I’ve discovered (the hard way) for saving time, and a bunch of fun cartoons drawn by my artist son.”

She says that she tattles on herself a lot in this book, “so my readers can relate to me and know I’m not looking down on them; we’re in this together; let’s see what we can learn from each other. And if my mess ups can help you, I’m happy to share them with you.”

The book is very affordable, too, and would also make a great gift for the creatives in your life. Here’s where it can be found on Amazon.


Everything to God in Prayer Mentioned in Presbyterian Witness

Everything to God in Prayer: A Writer’s Weekly Devotional was mentioned in Witness, the e-newsletter of the Presbytery of the Western Reserve.

Presbytery's Witness e-newsletter


 The text reads as follows:

Kelly Boyer Sagert became a Presbyterian elder at the age of 16 and is currently serving as an elder at Heritage Presbyterian Church. She offers free spiritual writing classes to the community each month and will be providing leadership training in March and April at three locations for people wishing to start their own spiritual writing ministries, the latter thanks to a Presbytery Vital Congregations Network grant. She recently facilitated the “Writing Your Spiritual Autobiography” seminars at the Presbytery’s EmPoWer event.

Her recently published book Everything to God in Prayer: A Writer’s Weekly Devotional (Loconeal Publishing, December 2015), contains 52 devotionals targeted to writers and other creative types, with each one containing traditional devotional elements along with writing exercises to delve more deeply into the concepts presented. This is Kelly Boyer Sagert’s thirteenth book and the foreword is written by the Honorably Retired Reverend Lou Will.

Devotional book review

Order the devotional book in paperback, hardback or e-book (Kindle or EPUB). Contact me if you’d like for me to speak to your conference or group.