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Christian Writer’s Conferences & the Critique, Part 3

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Offer feedback on the writing itself, NOT on the writer

No matter what style of critique you choose to include at your conference, it’s crucial to set guidelines for how to critique. One hard and fast rule of mine is that everyone must stick to offering feedback on the piece of writing NOT on the writer himself.

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Christian Writer’s Conference & the Critique, Part 2

If you decide to include critiques at your conference, here are options:

constructive criticism

It’s all about constructive criticism . . .

  • Let everyone who wishes to read have a chance and have the facilitator share what resonated best about the text.
    1. Advantage: everyone gets a positive affirmation about his or her work, which encourages more sharing, especially among newer writers.
    2. Disadvantage: some people may be left wanting more.

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Christian Writer’s Conferences & the Critique, Part 1

open mic critique

Should you or shouldn’t you? Offer critiques of other people’s work as part of a Christian writer’s conference, I mean — whether written comments on submissions or as part of a discussion.

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